South Pomfret, Vermont
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Winter Poetry Studio

Calling all poets! Join us to gain the perspectives of other writers in a mutually supportive studio environment.

Calling all poets! Tired of working in isolation and craving feedback for your poems? Wishing you could share them with an audience wider than you, yourself, and your dog or cat? Are you eager to publish your work or yearning for deeper connections through poetry? Are you looking to add meaning to your life through the bountiful and wondrous gifts poetry can offer?

If these questions resonate with you, then we invite you to join the conversation. Gaining the perspective of other writers in a mutually supportive workshop setting can hone and expedite the revision process, shining a more intentional light, helping us to extract the poems already inside us. This workshop will benefit writers at any level who want to improve their poems. In five weekly sessions we will explore each other’s poems—supplemented by lenses of craft and the work of known poets—charting possibilities from inspiration to publication and page to stage, while making the most of our diverse synergies around the common bond of poetry.

Bring your writing tools. At least 3 weeks prior to the start of class, participants will upload two poems to be disseminated electronically with an explanatory email. Participants will review and print each other’s poems at home and have them in hand for the first class.

Partridge Boswell is the author of Some Far Country, recipient of the Grolier Poetry Prize. His poems have recently received the Edna St. Vincent Millay, Red Wheelbarrow, Gemini and Lascaux Poetry Prizes, and have surfaced in Poetry, The Gettysburg Review, Salmagundi, The American Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, Plume, Poetry Ireland Review, The Moth, Southword and Forklift, Ohio. His poems and essays have been anthologized in Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry and Vermont Poets and Their Craft. Co-founder of Bookstock Literary Festival, Boswell is an active practitioner of poetry on the page and stage and troubadours widely with the poetry/music group Los Lorcas. Nominated for Pushcart, Best of the Net and AWP Intro awards, Boswell is the recipient of fellowships from Vermont College of Fine Arts, the University of New Orleans, and the Vermont Studio Center. A former trustee and workshop leader at Burlington Writers Workshop, he lives with his family in Vermont.