South Pomfret, Vermont
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FULL Vermont MUD

Let’s get messy and find all kinds of creative uses for MUD!

In Vermont, we have a fifth season just for mud! Discover how birds, insects, and humans use mud to build their homes. Mud can be used as paint, as a sculpture material, a beauty treatment, or just to play in! Mud can capture animal footprints from millions of years ago or help to preserve ancient plants. Prepare to get really messy with something Vermonters have learned to’s time to go muddin’!

If you suspect that your child may struggle with separation issues at drop-off, we ask that you please reconsider their attendance in our camps. 

Michelle Hough has a BFA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth College of Visual and Performing Arts, formally the Swain School of Design. There she studied Textile Design and Fiber Arts with a concentration in computer-aided design and printmaking. She grew up between Barnard, VT, and Cambridge, MA. She worked as a colorist and wallpaper designer in Boston after college. Michelle then relocated to Burlington, Vermont where she continued working as a fabric, linens, and clothing designer as part of the April Cornell design team. She began volunteering as a domestic violence crisis advocate in 2002. This led to twelve years of advocacy work for women and children. Parallel to her advocacy work she began her family and was active in organizing local programs for children ages 0-6 and their families. Michelle, her husband Matthew and three sons now enjoy living in Bridgewater, VT. Michelle is currently the Visual Art teacher for Woodstock and Killington Elementary Schools. Her passions include textiles, community, nature, and dogs.