South Pomfret, Vermont
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Restorative & Mindful Movement for Life

Blend breath work, strengthening, stress-reducing acupressure, and more for self care.

This workshop is for you, whoever you are, of any age and physical ability. Maintenance of flexibility, strength, and balance holds lifelong benefits, and it is never too early or too late to commence. Imagination plays a prominent role in retaining interest in moving as we age. Our imaginations will be kindled and sparked by a guided journey through our embodied energies.

We will blend breath work, releasing motion, strengthening, guided imagery, and a stress-reducing acupressure sequence for self care. You will receive takeaway notes for home practice.

If there is enough interest, this may become a weekly class at ArtisTree.

Tracy Penfield is in her seventh decade and still dancing. She is in her fifth decade as a performing and teaching artist, passionate about sharing mindful movement with people of all ages. Her choreographic event, Passing, premiered at Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph VT in 2018. The Passing Project continues with community engagement on the topic of Passing Stories. Tracy founded SafeArt, Inc. in 2000, a Chelsea VT-based nonprofit that employs creative expression in the healing of trauma and offers professional development in trauma-informed practices. Tracy meets with individuals to process and manage trauma in her protocol, Tracing.