South Pomfret, Vermont
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Piece by Piece: Sound, Color and Shape

A presentation of sound and shape, through the work of women artists, exploring common elements of composition through aural and visual means.

Both the quilts and the music explore the balance between harmony and dissonance, the juxtaposition of colors and rhythms as contrasting and complementary elements, and the relationships between the shapes and sounds as they take root in our imaginations. Both the music and the quilts investigate the nature of form, texture, balance, color, light, pattern and line. An afternoon of music by women composers performed by Acacia in connection with a selection of abstract quilts made by Sarah Stroud.
Music to include compositions by Libby Larsen, Jennifer Higdon, Laura Elise Schwendinger, and Amanda Harberg.

About Sarah Stroud
I have always had an interest in textiles and sewing, as well as drawing, painting, and collage. I made my first quilts as gifts for my husband and children, and discovered that making quilts was the perfect way to merge these interests. I now create one-of-a-kind pieces made from both new and repurposed fabrics, and have begun using fabrics dyed with local plants as well. Not being one drawn to precision, my work is created without the use of a pattern, and consists of abstract, improvisational machine and hand quilted pieces.

About Acacia Chamber Music
Acacia Chamber Music. Dedicated to expanding and promoting chamber music in uncommonly heard combinations. Core members include Meghan Davis, Leslie Stroud and Matthew Odell. For more information please contact Meghan Davis at