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Photography Tips for Holiday Cards

Photography Tips for Holiday Cards

Technology is great, for staying in touch with friends and family. We can email or text our loved ones, or facetime for an instantaneous conversation. Even with the Internet, there is something to be said for maintaining the tradition of the good, old-fashioned physical Christmas card. I especially love holiday cards with photographs. We hang them all up with care and they become a part of our holiday decorations. Finding a card worthy picture can be challenging, but here are few ideas for inspiration.

1.    Pop of Red: A pop of red against a white background makes a festive image. Try placing your subject against a white wall, snow scene or sky.

2.    Snow: Capture the fun of snow and the beauty of winter. To attain a true white overexpose by a stop or two. Also, to capture falling snowflakes set your camera to a high shutter speed.

3.    Black and White Close Up-  A well lit black and white close up is usually my favorite. Zoom in on your children’s beautiful little faces to see each little freckle, lost tooth and expression. Look for simple backgrounds and a catch light in your subject’s eyes.

4.    Family Pets: Don’t forget to include your beloved pets into the picture. Bringing a pet into the photograph can sometimes help to relax everyone and create a less formal photograph.

5.    Genuine Smiles: Above all, a successful Christmas card is one that captures real smiles. Take lots of photographs to capture one where your families’ expressions are genuine.

It is not too late to order your holiday or New Year Card. One advantage of receiving them after the holidays is they can also be used for thank you notes. How many of you still send Holiday Cards?