South Pomfret, Vermont
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Music Classes

Welcome to the Music Classes at Artistree! We're about art for everyone! All ages and interests. We hope you find what you're looking for here and if not... please let us know! Learn more about our Gift Certificates here!

No Classes Meet Your Selection
Get started learning to play guitar!
Learn the ukulele in this supportive, stress free, and fun class.
Join us to create all kinds of fun instruments!
Phone, I-Pad, your own production studio!
Learn the piano! Join this beginner group lesson to gain the skills and confidence to become a strong piano player.
Learn to play the guitar with friends!
Join us to learn some basic theory and enhance your musicianship.
Dig deeper into the practices and possibilities of music in our level 2 class.
Fall features FIDDLE! A fun, interactive music and movement class with an early childhood development focus. Cost includes a family audio CD and songbook.
Learn how to play an instrument of your choosing. We will match you with a professional teacher to help you reach your desired musical goals.
Learn to play the ukulele!