South Pomfret, Vermont
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Dino-mite Drawing!

Get inspired by the latest CGI animations and scientific illustrators to create awesome dinosaur art.

From feathered velociraptors to the semi-aquatic spinosaurus, science continues to provide us with astounding new insights into dinosaurs. Raccoon striped tails! Rainbow-colored manes! Hyper-intelligent arctic pack hunters! With every revelation the more weird and wonderful these animals become. In many cases, scientists are finding these animals looked and behaved in ways we never would have dreamed possible a decade ago, so drawing dinosaurs accurately has never been more exciting or more challenging.

Join us this week and get inspired by the latest CGI animations and eye-popping scientific illustrations. Explore the scientific research to draw life-like body postures for various types of dinosaurs and how to realistically render scales, feathers, scutes, and other dinosaur skin coverings. Young artists and aspiring paleontologists alike will work with a variety of materials to create dinosaur art ranging in scale from tiny "desk dinos" to saurian-size wall posters!

Luke Eastman is an artist and educator who grew up on the Quechee Fells Farm in nearby Hartford, Vermont. He is a certified art and elementary teacher who began his illustration career at age 13 and never looked back! He became a full-time teacher in 2007, teaching first at the Walt Disney Magnet School in Chicago and then at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH. In 2017 Eastman relocated to the ancient Buddhist fortress-city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand where he lives with his wife and teaches at the Nakornpayap International School. His artwork is regularly featured in Vermont's weekly newspaper Seven Days.