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Dance Floor at the End of Time

Songs for a Regenerative Earth by Terry Hermsen

Dance Floor at the End of Time: Songs for a Regenerative Earth 

·      A set of 18 interlocking songs celebrating love, creatureliness, and the earth, while recognizing the plight we’re in and imagining regenerative worlds that may arise out of crisis. Donations accepted for a tree-planting campaign in central Ohio.

·      Terry Hermsen is a poet, activist, and songwriter dedicated to bringing the attention of art to transformative change in how we treat the planet and each other. Art is only part of the process—but these songs were written to foster a sense of hope and a spur to climate action.


About the musician:

Terry Hermsen is a poet from Ohio, who has published four books of poems, all with Bottom Dog Press, under the editorship of Larry Smith: 36 Spokes: The Bicycle Poems (1985), Child Aloft in Ohio Theatre (1995), The River’s Daughter (2009—co-recipient of the Ohio Poet of the Year Award), and A House for Last Year’s Summer (2017). He conducted over 50 poetry residencies for the Ohio Art Council’s Artists in the Schools program, from 1979 – 2003, and has since taught poetry, art criticism, and environmental literature at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. He was part of Reading The Earth: The Language of Nature workshops at Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center from 1999 – 2012 and has translated two books of Christian Formoso, a contemporary Chilean poet: The Most Beautiful Cemetery in Chile (2015)and bellezamericana. (2021). Since 2017, he has concentrated his efforts on organizing climate change projects in central Ohio via ROAR (Regional Ohio Action for Resilience), which seeks to build cooperative bridges between area colleges, cities, and citizenry to reduce our carbon footprint and build more supportive, ecologically aware communities as a part of bioregional regeneration and connection.

About Dance Floor at the End of Time:

This is Terry Hermsen’s first album of original songs, which he began writing in 2018. Driven by his compassion for the planet, they attempt to convey the urgency of our climate crisis—so accurately forecast by scientists decades ago and emerging faster than we ever imagined—along with the hope for change. While he is dedicated to local action to reduce carbon emissions and shift our culture toward more sustainable, just, and engaged living, he has written these songs in the spirit of love and compassion, knowing that we’ll need music and all the arts to fuel the future. He likes to quote Paolo Lugari, founder of the Columbian sustainable living experiment Las Gaviotas: “We are not confronting an energy crisis, but one of imagination and enthusiasm.”

Let’s recommit ourselves to the joyful, deep work of transforming worlds.