South Pomfret, Vermont
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Cupid’s Love Letters

Join a pop-up Valentine's Day card-making workshop!

Join a pop-up Valentine's Day card-making workshop with calligrapher Laura Di Piazza. In this 3-hour session we will select quotes, poems, or other lovely copy to letter onto our hand-made cards to give to our loved ones and ourselves. Create one intricate card or make many small Valentines. Plenty of paper stock, die-cuts, special edge scissors, and adhesives to choose from! Letter with traditional pointed pen nibs, board-edge nibs, brush pens and ink or gouache paint. Laura will provide guidance on lettering in your own cursive or manuscript hand using calligraphy tools and materials to dress it up.

Laura Di Piazza, MFA teaches calligraphy workshops at Dartmouth College and Society of Scribes NYC. Laura has provided calligraphy work for numerous special events and custom lettering design for reproduction. Her clients include HBO, Whitney Museum of American Art, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. She also creates abstract art and has exhibited in the USA, Canada and Europe.