South Pomfret, Vermont
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Creative Holiday Gifts for 2017!

It’s that time of year again, time to start to looking for the perfect presents for your loved ones. This year I encourage you to push beyond the traditional pajama set or latest high tech gadget gifts, with my holiday gift guide for creative giving. Check out my guide of creative gifts for 2017:

1.     Buy a Gift from a Local Artist

There are several places in town that sell locals artists work, which not only support local artists, but also adds a personal touch for a lasting one of kind item to give. Be sure to check out the ArtisTree Gallery’s ‘Small Works’ Exhibit featuring local artists work now through December 23rd. For more information, click here. Another great spot to look is The Collective in downtown Woodstock, VT, which features local artisan creations hand wrought from glass, fiber, pottery, metal, wood and paper. For more information, click here.

Here are some great items in this year’s ‘Small Works’ Exhibit in the ArtisTree Gallery:

Pick out your favorite piece from our annual 50 by 50 series, featuring 10 by 10 inch pieces for $50 each. That’s a steal!

 Tiny bird oil paintings by Emily Burkholder

 Whimsical ceramic creations from Deb Goodwin


2.     Buy a Gift from a Local or Global Artist On-line

This is a growing trend happening all over the world, where more and more artists are taking their handmade items to the internet to sell to people all over the world. The accessibility to hundreds of unique artist’s creations that can be delivered right to your door is an amazing phenomenon, and one not to be missed. Here are some website to get you started exploring: Etsy, Society6 and Red Bubble.

Additionally, there are two talented local artists I recommend who sell their unique artwork on-line.

Amanda Ann Palmer. Amanda Ann is a local ceramic artist creating beautiful cups, mugs, bakeware and much more which explore her love of nature and working with her hands on the wheel. She sells her ceramics on her own Etsy page, and can ship directly to your or a loved ones home. Check our Amanda’s Etsy site.


Diana Mellar. Diana is an accomplished digital artist, creating unique artwork inspired by. She has taken her artwork, and through society6 and redbubble has been able to put her unique images into everyday items like phone cases, backpacks and more! Check out her websites here:

Personal website, Society6,  Redbubble


Hal & Wyfy Issente

Hal and Wyfy make beautiful handmade wool rugs on their loom from discarded but new textiles scrapes, which is a win-win combination. Check out their beautiful rugs on their Etsy page.

3.     Give the Gift of a Photo Shoot

Create lasting memories for your loved ones with a personal photo shoot with local photographer, Emmy Walden Fox. Emmy specializes in capturing organic and candid moments with you and your loved ones, and she is especially gifted in photographing babies and young children. For more information and to schedule a photo shoot with Emmy, click here.


4.     Give the gift of a Holiday Gift Workshop

Each year we offer two weeks of holiday gift workshops for all ages, featuring workshops to make your own ornaments, handmade soaps, print making and so much more. This gift is versatile in that you can attend a workshop and create your own handmade gifts for loved ones, or you can give as a gift to a loved one for them to attend themselves. For more information and to register visit ArtisTree's Workshops.


  Wishing you a happy holiday season! Until next year…