South Pomfret, Vermont
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Children's Enrichment

Welcome to the Arts Classes at ArtisTree! We're about Art for everyone! All ages and interests. We hope you find What you're looking for here and if not.. please let us know!

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Explore beginner acro dance in this fun and supportive class.
Intermediate-level students develop their acro dance skills with Kaitlyn.
Have fun with other young children in this playful movement class.
Come and enjoy a creative afternoon with others in our studio.
Come and enjoy a creative afternoon with others in our studio.
Come and enjoy a creative afternoon with others in our studio.
Come and enjoy a creative afternoon with others in our studio.
Be prepared to get messy in this camp that combines art materials with shaving cream, marbles, squirt bottles and more to create lively, original art!
Join us for a short week of surprise arts and crafts projects.
Come make instruments that haven't even been thought of yet!
Grab your favorite towel for this studio excursion to the beach!
Learn to create animations on the iPad using the computer language ScratchJr.
Learn the guitar in this entertaining group class for kids.
Join this introductory class for beginning violinists.
Join us under the "big top" for this entertaining exploration of the circus arts.
Spend a week in our ceramics studio to hone your wheel-throwing skills.
Come create a fine flock of feathered friends in the clay studio.
Children ages 5-8 will hand build a project from start to finish, exploring glazing and decorating options.
Bring an imaginary world to life with claymation!
Create animated stories and build computer games using the computer language Scratch.
Let’s take on our favorite cooking shows in this fun class filled with surprises and challenges.
Come learn about art, design, and invention in our woodworking camp!
Explore life during the Dark Ages and create art inspired by heraldry and royalty.
Get inspired by the latest CGI animations and scientific illustrators to create awesome dinosaur art.
Teens are invited to explore arts processes and discover new sides of themselves.
Have you ever milked a real cow or held a chicken? Now's your chance!
Let's get tumbling with lots of exciting individual and partner acrobatics skills!
Woodstock Elementary After School Program students are invited to leave the busy week behind them in this fun class.
Learn to become a "Nature Explorer" at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.
Girls explore the "tween" years using the expressive arts and mindfulness practices in a supportive peer group.
Learn the piano! Join this beginner group lesson to gain the skills and confidence to become a strong piano player.
Join us for creative "horseplay" at Moonrise Farm.
Learn the basics of improvisation through wacky and creative theatre games.
Be careful what you wish for! Join us as we bring to life a cockeyed and fun fairytale in the Grange Theatre.
Plan, design, and create your own hand sewn and machine sewn projects.
Create jewelry, accessories, and decorations with beautiful, natural materials.
Calling all Laura Ingalls Wilder fans! Join us for a week of pioneer fun.
Enter the magical, miniature world of fairies, elves and woodland folk.
Join us for a week of musical mayhem as we learn and perform on different instruments!
What happened to the Lost City of Atlantis? Uncover secrets from the past in this week of creativity and investigation.
Come explore the fundamentals of photography!
Collaborate with nature and immerse yourself in an imaginative world of sculpture making.
Join us to create self-portraits on paper, canvas, wood and more.
Explore each of your five senses in this creative adventure for kids.
Join us for a week of sneaky, spying fun as we explore how animals hide in plain sight.
Pamper yourself and the ones you love as we explore the fine art of relaxation.
Make an animated movie, one frame at a time!
Learn to tell stories and create characters using your body and voice in this playful camp.
Get your music chops back in shape with a week of fun in this chill summer jam band camp.
Expand your artistic skills and create a portfolio of whimsical and original work.
Set it up! Gain an introduction to the world of theatre set design and construction.
Make your own superheroes and comics in this fun and fast-paced camp.
Come create clues, draw maps, and more as we design a treasure hunt at ArtisTree.
Let's get creative as we investigate animal creatures' homes and hiding places with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.
Come join the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and explore our local forests and meadows using your five senses.
Join us at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science to delve into the art and science of flight.
Join us at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science for this arts-and-science exploration of animals.
Join us at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science for an exploration of the nature center using our five senses.
Bring the family for a fun morning of painting with nature!
Wizards, witches, and Muggles alike are invited to conjure up some creative fun at Hogwarts.
Let's take flight to a magical land where fairies exist and animals talk.
Bring your imagination and venture into the woods and fields with your family to create an enchanting miniature village of fairy houses.