South Pomfret, Vermont
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Animal Adaptations

What makes animals different from each other…and why? We’ll learn about the amazing animals that thrive in the forests and fields of Vermont and create art projects based on various types of animal adaptations.

From the tiniest bug to the biggest mammal, animals have to adapt to survive, especially here in Vermont with our ever-changing seasonal climate! In this class we will learn about the many creatures that live in our own backyards. Each class will focus on a special animal adaptation that it uses to survive and thrive. We will even look closer at the fields and forest floor to see what’s happening there (more than you’d think…grass has to survive, too!). Time will be spent outside exploring the natural world around us here at Artistree, and our art projects will be based on the adaptation theme of the day.

Wendy Seiple is the Events and Marketing Coordinator at Artistree. She studied graphic design in San Francisco and has worked in various parts of the industry for over twenty years. Before joining Artistree she ran her own business, Dragonfly Design, in which she created custom artwork and marketing materials for clients in the non-profit sector. Wendy also enjoyed many years as a volunteer for VINS in the Woodstock school system teaching students about the natural environment. She enjoys exploring the intersection of art and nature in her own work and sharing that passion with others.